Despite many imitations and substitutes, stone remains an unrivalled building and decorative material.


Garden Decor

Gravel is a great tool for garden art. Thanks to skilful application, we can have a very specific impact on the surface we shape, changing its character. It is worth remembering that the gravel looks great in the company of plants, emphasizing their colour and  features.

Pebbles and cobbles

Garden Decor

Pebbles are also a very popular form of replenishing and decorating the garden space. Very often,  pebbles and cobbles are supporting gravels in covering larger areas. Our offer includes a wide range of colours to match the product to any home or company surroundings.


Garden Decor

Rock garden gets its charm when it looks as if it was created by nature. A single solid rock on the grass or the hill never looks good. Remember to apply

a minimum of three pieces to avoid the 'meteorite effect', Most of tour landscape rocks can be harmoniously composed with gravel and pebbles.

Stone Tiles

Garden Floor

Make sure that your terrace is made of the right material. If you want to maintain the natural character of the surroundings both on your patio and garden paths, this type of slates will meet your expectations. Indian sandstone has very good parameters enabling the use of such a surface in a changing Polish climate. Darker limestone is a more expressive version of sandstone slabs that strongly emphasizes its presence.

Ceramic Stoneware Tiles

Garden Floor

Ceramic Stoneware Tiles collection for outdoor floors dedicated to modern environments, where design and architecture integrate in search of elegance and functionality. 20 mm-thick porcelain stone monolithic slabs are ideal for outdoor projects. A simple and versatile range that offers safe and resistant products for outdoor environments

Stone Wall Tiles

Garden Wall

Split is our collection of universal split stone with comfortable use and elegant aesthetic effect. Our products are prepared from natural rock blocks. Thanks to the process of splitting and cutting,  tiles reveal the beauty of raw rock. It is a real alternative to plaster and cement decorative tiles that imitate stone.


Garden Monolith

Natural stone monoliths can be most durable and attractive addition to your landscape. At the same time, it is one of the most unpredictable addition.

No matter how precisely your architect designates a place for monoliths on a garden design, the actual shape and size of the stone can vary significantly.

Fancing and Gabion Stones

Garden System

WD system is a modern form of fencing using stone, which will underline the natural character of your investment. Remember to choose the right stone colour to stay in harmony with your  estate. WD system allows you to combine spans filled with stone with other elements, like wood, steel or aluminium.


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Garden Decor

Garden Floor & Wall

Gardens System

Garden Monolith