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Stone is our passion. We are proud to  follow our passion in honest and professional way.


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We develop our product portfolio by complementing it with interesting and beautiful products. Our experience in acquiring new and trendy stone features from around the world results  in a well constructed offer every year.

In recent years, we have made a number of attempts to present our products in point of sales throughout Poland  in the most professional manner. We would like you to experience our stone collection as close to your home as possible. That is why we have started the process of building a professional sales network throughout the country. Our ambition is to provide and present the highest quality products in an aesthetic and harmonized way.

Despite many imitations and substitutes natural stone remains an unrivalled building and decorative material. Every year, we challenge ourselves to expand and diversify our product portfolio using suggestions of our clients, collecting market information and following global trends. We strive to make our portfolio simple yet with miscellaneous applications so you can organize your home or company surroundings. Gravels, pebbles, cobbles, rockery, monoliths, stone for walls and paths.





We keep on launching new, convenient forms of  packaging. All for your comfort.

We strive to develop new ways of displaying our products in points of sales.

We keep high stock on products from our collection.


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